Sikh Temple Insurance

Are you looking for the most affordable Gurdwara insurance? Protecting holy places is a matter we take very seriously here at Turners Insurance. We understand how important places of worship are to communities, and we work alongside Aviva to give you the best quotes available for Gurdwara insurance. Call today on 01489 788000 and make sure you’re fully covered with us.

Insurance for Sikh Temples

Turners Insurance has been working with commercial, private, religious and charity organisations for over 35 years, and we pride ourselves on giving them the best possible service and quotes. Multi-culturalism in the UK has proliferated in that time, and so has the need for affordable Sikh temple insurance.

With the rise of multi-culturalism, the number of incidents caused by adversity and ignorance has risen dramatically. Acts such as; vandalism, theft and arson have become all too common, so having affordable, comprehensive Sikh temple insurance helps the religious community relax a little. Turners Insurance has been providing peace of mind for religious and charity buildings for many years, and our policies cover:Sikh temple insurance

  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • Employer/Owner Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Trustees Liability


There are all standard features, but there are additional elements that can be added to provide a complete insurance policy especially for your requirements. We’re a well-established insurance broker, providing insurance for Sikh temples, and we can offer advice and recommendations should you require assistance.

In 2017, during some of the hardest times Britain has faced, the Sikh community showed unwavering compassion and willingness to help those affected; the London Bridge attack and Manchester bombing are two most notable and tragic examples. The Sikh community opened their doors and offered aid and shelter to those impacted inside their Gurdwara. The brave acts don’t come without risk, so our insurance policies cover public liability in case of accidental damage during incidents such as these.

Our values translate into our Sikh temple insurance policies, and you know when you choose Turners Insurance you’re in good hands. So should an emergency or incident happen, and you need help to get your Gurdwara back to full glory, we’ve got you covered.

Compared to other insurance companies, our Sikh temple insurance is the best around. A quick comparison against a competitor shows just how much you can save with us.

Other Insurer: Buildings 1,100,000, Contents: 70,000, Premium = £2138.64

Turners and Aviva: Buildings 1,100,000, Contents: 80,000, Premium = £1258.94


Other Services

We also offer insurance policies for:

  • Landlords and Commercial Owners
  • Commercial, Retail and Shop Insurance
  • Bunkhouses, Guest Houses and Hostel Insurance
  • Pizza Takeaways
  • Restaurant, Takeaway, café and more

If you fit into any of the above, call Turners Insurance and see how much money we can save you. We have an extensive range of policies and pride ourselves on offering not just the most comprehensive Sikh temple insurance, but the best-priced and most complete insurance policies for many areas of the market.

We realise all buildings and businesses are important and represent a huge investment, so we’re dedicated to providing you with the UK’s leading cover at the best prices.


Why Us for Sikh Temple Insurance

Establishing in 1978, Turners Insurance has a reputation as the most trusted broker for Gurdwara insurance and other religious and charity building insurance. Our team are fully qualified and highly motivated to give you the impeccable service and unbeatable quotes. The modern world is full of risks and uncertainties, but you can be certain that you’re in good hands with us.

We offer insurance to many sectors of the market, and we can bring our team’s knowledge into our service and give you advice on the policies and extras that fit your requirements.


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Call today on 01489 788000 for a free quotation and impartial advice on insurance for Sikh temples. We guarantee you won’t find better cover anywhere else, especially at the rates we can offer. If you prefer, you can contact us on our online form or email us at Don’t risk taking out insurance you’re not completely sure of, come to Turners Insurance, and we’ll make sure the policy covers everything you need, and it’s all crystal clear.