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The importance of charitable organisation insurance in Hampshire

As a Hampshire charitable organisation, insurance is imperative, especially Hampshire Charitable Organisation Insuranceif you employ staff or operate vehicles on public roads.

You have a responsibility to ensure that your organisation is covered appropriately for the activities that it carries out. Whether your organisation operates abroad, or right here in the UK, our advisors will make sure that you purchase the right insurance, so you’re covered under any circumstance.

Find out more about the different types of charitable organisation insurance in Hampshire that we can offer you by reading on below.

What charitable organisation insurance do we offer?

Here at Turners Insurance, we’re proud of the insurance products that we can offer our clients. We want to make sure that all of our clients benefit from products that cover all necessary assets for the fairest price.

We carry out independent risk assessments, so we fully understand every single aspect of your business, which enables us to commit to providing the most appropriate insurance for the fairest prices.

Staff and volunteer insurance

If your charity employs staff, you have to, by law, invest in employers’ liability insurance.  This means that your foundation is protected if any employees claim for an injury while working for you.  Even if you don’t employ paid staff, it’s a good idea to invest in employer’s liability insurance to protect your volunteers in the case of an injury.

As part of our charitable organisation insurance Hampshire service, we’ll assess whether it is worth you investing in any add-ons including:

  • Travel insurance for working abroad
  • Insurance against fraud or dishonesty
  • Professional indemnity insurance if part of your service is giving advice

Property and vehicle insurance

If your charity owns a building, it is a good idea to invest in public liability Hampshire Charitable Organisation Insuranceinsurance, as this ensures that the charity is protected if any member of the public is injured on your premises and wants to claim. If a member of the public loses or damages their property while on your premises, public liability insurance will also cover any costs.

You may also consider investing in charitable organisation insurance in Hampshire for your property to cover the cost of any unforeseen damage that may occur, and theft or damage of any items.

One of the compulsory types of charitable organisation insurance Hampshire is vehicle insurance. This must be purchased if you operate any vehicles on public roads. It may also be worth considering legal expenses insurance as an add-on, as this will cover the cost of a solicitor or court action if an incident takes place.

Events insurance

As a charitable organisation, holding fundraising events is a major way in which to raise money for your cause.  With that the case, public liability insurance is a must, as it covers you at fetes, shows or performances where there’s a chance of injury.

Hampshire charitable organisation insurance for events will also cover you if you have to cancel an event because of bad weather.

Travel insurance

If your charity operates abroad, travel insurance for your employees or volunteers is a must. This will cover your staff if they require medical attention and other incidences that may occur when they’re working in a foreign country.

Other insurances

We can also recommend and discuss with you the following insurances for additional protection:

  • Business interruption
  • Trustees liability

Choose us for the most comprehensive charitable organisation insurance Hampshire has seen.

At Turners Insurance, we won’t sell you a product that you don’t need; we provide honest, well rounded advice and leave it up to you, the client, to decide whether a policy is worth investing in. All the Hampshire charitable organisation insurance advice that we provide is based on the results of the independent risk assessments that we carry out.

When you choose us for your Hampshire charitable organisation insurance, you’ll also benefit from:

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